Covid-19 Update 24th April 2020


Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you are well. You will be relieved to see that this is a relatively short communication!

In the absence of any clear steer currently from the government we have begun to consider how a re-opening of school might look. We have no indication of timing but whatever we need to do will be planned very thoroughly to ensure that the provision of education and health and safety of students and staff continue to be our priorities.

We are beginning to look at the possibility of how we would be able to cater for one year group in the first instance (probably Year 10) and how we might be able to develop staff rotas and tweak the timetable. We are also considering how we might then cater for two year groups in school and how student and staff timetables might look. We are also thinking about how we will carry out Year 6 induction as it will be crucial for everyone that we have face to face contact with our new cohort before they start in September. I think it’s logical to assume that so long as we need to ensure social distancing it could be many months before we have all children in school at the same time.

There is no certainty in any of this but it is heartening to see that key workers (including school staff) will have access to Covid-19 testing should we or anyone else in our households display potential symptoms of the virus. This will ensure that we won’t need to self-isolate as a precaution and we will be able to deliver our crucial service more efficiently.

I would also like to draw your attention to the English Newsletter which is emailed to students every week as well as the following information from Mrs Hardy (English Department) regarding ongoing extracurricular clubs. They are completely optional and signing up does not mean students have to engage with every activity, but they should be fun and enjoyable options for students who would like to be more involved. We also have student leaders involved - they will be setting some of the tasks and moderating the content. Your children will make sense of the codes! 

  • Film Club- 4zzspyv
  • Drama Club- 6r4ojyn
  • Creative Writing Club- 2nbotqk
  • Book Club- 6b2sjur

Finally, please allow me to hope that you have a relaxing weekend.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland