Covid-19 Update 23rd March 2020


Dear Parent/Carer

As you are aware we are now only looking after students of identified groups who mainly consist of children of key workers. I have asked all staff who are not self isolating to be at work this morning but we have been very strictly observing social distancing protocols. It has been heartening to hear that they are being inundated with emails from our students who appear to be taking our advice to set up a very clear routine following their normal timetable. Please bear with us if there are a few gaps in the Google Classroom documents – we are aware of them and are trying to sort them. Let us know if we need to re-set passwords.

As of tomorrow, staff will be working in school on a rota basis so that we are able to ensure that our necessary school functions are completed on site as well as maintaining adherence to guidelines regarding social distancing. Teachers in particular are able to work just as effectively from home as at school given what is being required of them.

The last thing I told our current Year 11 cohort was that they would need to do some academic work over the next few months so that they were able to move onto their next steps without getting out of the habit of academic study. Today they have received emails indicating that they should continue to follow a routine schedule and purposeful practice. They have plenty of material available on line and via Google Classrooms; in particular they should focus their studies on subjects that they are most likely to go onto at college. As soon as we get more details regarding how they will be assessed in their examination courses we will let them and parents know – it is currently being indicated that the key factor in outcomes will be teachers’ forecast grades but we are a while away from seeing the fine detail as yet.

It feels as though we are in the Phoney War stage at the moment. I decided to walk to school this morning (still in my brown shoes I’m afraid) and could not believe the lack of cars in Hartford – which is apparently the largest village in Europe during the day because of the influx of children to its numerous educational establishments.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland