Covid-19 Update 20th April 2020



Today is the first day of the summer term!

One question I would ask of our older students in particular is something that you will probably be asked at future interviews for college places and work interviews: what did you do during the lockdown of 2020? I won’t list all the wrong answers that you can give to this question, but ‘sleeping for England’ and ‘improving my X-Box skills’ don’t tend to impress potential employers. So things that would impress would include:

·        I spent time reading around the subjects that I went on to study at college.

·        I kept to a routine of school work every week day.

·        I enrolled in on-line courses (there are many available free of charge).

·        I learned a new skill.

·        I learned sign language.

The message here is that the lockdown is a unique time in the life of everyone currently and although it brings its challenges it also brings opportunities. You can really help to make yourself more employable.

We continue to set work according to your child’s school timetable as far as possible but you may also have heard in yesterday’s COVID-19 update, the Secretary for Sate for Education – Gavin Williamson – named two learning platforms that both go 'live' today.  I have shared the links with you below.

In school this week:

·        We continue to look after some of our designated students.

·        Mrs Morgan our Chaplain is looking into the possibility of a THL via Zoom on Wednesday (if you are a School Ambassador please check your school email – though you will have to provide your own biscuits!).

·        The East Building continues its demolition from the inside out.

·        We are working to ensure that we fill any teaching posts that we have available in September.

·        Curriculum Team Leaders meet on-line to discuss the grading process for current Year 11 students.

·        The Senior Leadership Team have started planning for a return to school for students – whenever that is. We are modelling a number of scenarios to ensure that we are as prepared as we can be.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland