Covid-19 Update 15th May 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,

We have just a little more information from the DfE regarding secondary schools since my email on Monday. It is fairly clear that we should not expect Years 7 – 9 students to return at all before September and that Year 10 students will have some ‘face to face’ contact with schools. When we are enlightened as to exactly what this means we will let you know. I share your concern as parents who are worried about the potential impact of Covid-19 and the fact that your children are unable to come to their school. We continue to look at how we can further support home studies for all students.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from pastoral calls and this includes the fact that when students have maintained a ‘normal’ timetable those students have felt more satisfied with what they have done and been able to keep on top of their workload more effectively. The vast majority of children are working well at home and we will continue with the gentle encouragement of students to keep up with work.

A couple of parents of Year 10 students have contacted me to ask about the potential for calculated grades in subjects where component parts were due to be sat in Year 10 (such as Music and IT). The current answer to this question is no as it will still be possible to take these components in Year 11; if this changes we will let you know. We are confident that those students who have maintained a consistent and focused approach to their studies over the past two months (and until we return) will be in a strong position to complete course content when we eventually return.

For students in Year 9 we have had to complete the options process without the usual face to face contact between Miss Naylor and students. The vast majority of students will be able to access the options they wanted but there have been a handful of disappointments. We are looking at starting introductions to Key Stage 4 courses after half term – so watch this space

Additionally, we still intend to hold Commendation Days in July to celebrate the successes of this academic year. We don’t know exactly how we are going to do this yet but we’ll find a virtual way!

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland