Covid-19 Update 12th May 2020


Dear Parents and Carers

Following last night’s address to the nation by the Prime Minister it appears that Year 10 students may be back in school at some point before the summer holiday but that Key Stage 3 students will not. We had really hoped that Year 10 would be back in school on June 1st and that other year groups would have some time in school before mid-July; we had done a great deal of provisional planning to facilitate this. On a professional and personal level I am very disappointed that our school will not be able to open for its primary function.

Today was due to be the first day of the GCSE examination series for 2020 and for us the largest exam today would have been RS for the Year 10 cohort. I can now confirm that OFQUAL has agreed that students who were due to take examinations in Year 10 will also receive a calculated grade so we will be submitting our forecast grades to them in due course. As with Year 11 students we will not be at liberty to discuss the forecast grades with anyone. So to those Year 10 students who have been working so hard on RS revision in preparation for a potential November sitting, I can now say to you: stop revising and concentrate all your efforts on those subjects that we expect to be examined in 2021.

Now we have more clarity regarding the rest of the term, Curriculum Team Leaders will be discussing how we continue setting work for students for the rest of the academic year. We have been so impressed by the efforts made by our students and their families during the 7 weeks of lockdown so far and we understand how practically difficult this is at times. Similarly, we continue to do everything we can to deliver a ‘normal’ curriculum under such trying circumstances and we will tweak whatever we can moving forward. I know that our school community recognises how difficult this situation is for all concerned. As professionals we work in schools because we want to educate young people and we are currently limited in what we are able to do. One thing I can say at this point is that no work will be set for students over the Whitsun half term.

I will email again later this week as we may get more detail on exactly what the government expects of schools over the next couple of months.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland