Covid-19 6th April 2020


I hope very much that you have managed to enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. As I sit in my office at school writing this it really doesn’t feel as though it is the Easter holidays – but it is. You will be aware that we have continued to set some work for students over the next two weeks and this is mainly because we want to help you keep your children in a routine of academic study. I am sure that you will decide with your child what is appropriate to complete over the ‘holiday’. The offer of blaming me for this still applies!

Mrs Parker-Clark tells me that by the end of today we will have made over 600 phone calls to children and families; hopefully we can complete the full set by the end of Thursday – but if not we will contact you next week. She also tells me that we have evidence through our on-line monitoring that well over 95% of students have accessed English, Maths and Science work which we are very pleased with.

This weekend the government will decide whether or not to extend the lock down nationally. We are planning for school to be closed for at least another 3 weeks after Easter and we will continue to set work accordingly.  I know that by now some students are completing work in exercise books that are full and worrying about feedback. We cannot do anything about exercise books (but students need to save work completed safely and logically if it has been done on a computer) and we will continue to give relevant feedback when there is email contact between student and teacher.


The exam boards and OFQUAL produced their guidance to schools regarding the process for examination grades this summer last Friday. I have attached the letter to students and parents from OFQUAL with this email. You will see from the letter that schools are being asked to rank order all students within each grade for each subject and then forward this ranking to examination boards by the end of May. Results will then be published by August at the latest. We are not able to share rankings with students. If more details of the process emerge we will share these with you

For Year 10 students expecting to take RS this summer, OFQUAL has indicated that there will be no grades given but that there should be an opportunity for a November sitting. So, although this has not yet been confirmed, please continue with your revision and preparation as normal.

More from me on Thursday.

In Caritas et Veritas,

Mike Holland