Bad Hair Day!

01/05/20Bad Hair Day!

Have you had days where nothing seems to go according to plan? You wake up and your hair is everywhere but where it should be, there is no toothpaste left in the tube and your brother has helped himself to all the cereal and trashed the kitchen. You can’t find your PE socks ...again. You are so tired from revising for your Biology test late last night...and you still haven’t learnt it all! You eventually stumble into school, soaking wet from the rain, only to realise you left your lunch on the kitchen work-top and your test is Physics, not Biology! Ahhh! Bad Hair Day!

Suddenly, there’s a Corvid 19 outbreak and life as we know it is put on hold. How we long for those crazy days again…things are cancelled, friends are missed and the days are soooo looooong.

Another Bad Hair Day...or is it just perspective?

A modern day parable...

Consider the Highland Cow...

She doesn’t fret or worry, dashing from here to there, looking at schedules and deadlines, shopping lists and homework. She doesn’t worry that she is dressed right for the occasion and that everyone is pleased.

When she wakes, she looks at the mountains, as the rising sun crowns their snow capped pinnacles with gold, and she remembers her Creator. She pauses and breathes in the fresh morning air, shakes her shaggy coat and feels good to be alive. She listens to the chorus of birds casting their praise heavenward and her spirit soars. The dewy meadows beneath her feet are waiting to nourish her body. She does not worry, yet all heaven is hers.

Yes, we still have responsibilities and challenges, but if we too were to pause, consider our blessings and cultivate a grateful heart, maybe our Bad Hair Day would not be so bad after all!                                           


School Chaplain