'Aye, aye Captain!'

03/06/20'Aye, aye Captain!'

Switching off the television and closing his eyes for an afternoon nap, Mr Moore thought back to the motorcycling days of his youth. The adrenalin rush as the wind swept passed him and the sound of the engine carried him back to his happy world of yesterday. At almost 98 years old, Mr Moore had just returned home from hospital, still fatigued from an operation, to be cared for by his daughter. It had been quite a year… not only had he had treatment for skin cancer, but he had had a nasty fall and amongst other things, had broken a hip. Healing takes a long time at that age, (some never recover) but he had a positive outlook and having recovered previously from two knee replacements, he was not going to let this get the better of him!

Fast forward two years. It’s 2020 and old Mr Moore was fast approaching his hundredth birthday. The news blared out about a pandemic and how our already stretched NHS would be pushed to the limit. The nation was beginning to panic.

It would have been very easy for the old man to close his eyes, say he had done his day and let it be…but not this old man. Back in India in the War, he had trained young men to overcome obstacles with a positive mindset and to believe that they could make a difference for good. That same fighting spirit remained within him.

Tom Moore had two choices:

  • State reasons why he was too old and frail to ever make a difference.
  • Do what he could- even though he knew others could do much more and much better.

As we know, the now Sir Captain Tom Moore raised well over £32 million for the NHS, simply by walking laps of his garden with his zimmer frame!


We too have two choices:

  • We can moan about things and think we can never make a difference.
  • We can do what little we can. Maybe it is something as simple as baking, shopping or sending a card to someone who is alone, raising money for charity or starting an online petition. Those little things can be huge things to someone else. Maybe you have a special gift that you could use? Music, art, sport, encouragement…


A young boy once gave his packed lunch to Jesus. Though it was such a small thing to do, Jesus multiplied the gift and thousands were fed. (Read about it in John 6:1-14, The Bible)

The apostle Paul was arrested in Rome for sharing his faith. It was ‘house arrest’ -the house was guarded and he couldn’t go out. Did he moan and give up? No, he told everyone who came to him about Jesus and wrote letters of encouragement to the other Christian churches.

So let us not think what we cannot do, but what we CAN do. Let me know your ideas for Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) or efforts to make a difference. Who knows what a difference YOU will make!

Tracy Morgan