Thought of the Week

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Proverbs 15:1



What is the NRA?

NRA is the National Record of Achievement

It is a portfolio representing what you have achieved during your school years

What does the portfolio contain?

Pupil statement

Subject specific comments by teachers

Certificates / awards you may have gained to date

Do the certificates / awards need to be from school?

No, any recognised organisation

However you should start collecting any certificates you have received from school to include in the portfolio

Who looks at the portfolio?

Potential employers and colleges



Use the example statement as a guide to what you may want to produce

Use the printed grid to identify what you could include in each topic

Use the grid to keep your thoughts organised. HOWEVER, your statement needs to be a passage of writing with no subheadings, organised into paragraphs.

Use the writing frame below to write your comments

  1. Type up your finished comments to a new MS Word document, remember to use paragraphs.
  2. Name the new document with your tutor group and name eg “11H Innes Chris
  3. Email your statement as an attachment to

 Pupil Statements should be submitted by email no later than 2nd May 2017

Please click HERE to download the grid and example

This list is only to give you an idea of what you may want to talk about.

It is not necessary to include all topics and you are encouraged to add any other topics you feel relevant


My name is XXXXX and I’m currently 15 years of age. I’m in Year 11 at Hartford High School and am currently studying for my GCSEs. I previously attended XXXXX Primary School and before that I attended the XXXXX nursery.

In Year 11 I was asked to become a senior prefect, although I hadn’t actually requested to be considered. This is a role of responsibility and authority and has developed the way I communicate with people. Another responsibility I have been given is the role of ‘social events organiser,’ which requires a lot of organisational skills and to be able to work with a variety of people to organise an event.

I have been part of the school netball team, which meant attending regular practices and representing my school in matches. This has helped me to learn how to work as a team and be a good competitor. I also performed in the gym and dance display, again, working as a team to put on a good performance. Another achievement was representing my school at cross-country.

I have been a member of a number of different clubs out of school. I joined a kickboxing club and have been awarded a number of belts. This improves my fitness and also taught me self-defence, improving my confidence. I have also been part of a dance group and performed in a number of shows. This was something I greatly enjoyed and I have gained my open–water diver certificate with PADI, which meant doing a week of both practical and theoretical training and a final exam. This means that I am a qualified scuba diver and can dive all over the world.

I do volunteer work with the guiding association weekly and have been a Young Leader with the same unit for four years. I really enjoy working with the children and it has helped me to develop my leadership skills. This has also included training days which have developed a variety of my skills further, including planning a meeting and communicating with children. I have also taken part in a training day for basic first aid, enabling me to deal with a range of emergency situations.

Throughout my time at Hartford High I have been on a variety of day and residential trips. I was chosen from my year to have one of a limited number of places on a trip to the millennium dome, based on my good behaviour and achievement. In year nine I travelled to France on a residential visit, where I learnt to appreciate another culture and also took part in a variety of character-building activities. I also went on a skiing trip to Canada in a group of about thirty. This was strictly limited to students with a good behaviour record as it involved travelling to London and then two flights either way to Canada. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it was a huge step in developing my own independence and learning to get along with people. This was because I was in a completely different environment, a long way form home and had to live with a group of people for a week.

I studied all subjects for the first three years at Hartford, until I chose to do English, maths, science, Spanish, ICT, art, history and food technology. In particular I enjoy English and art, which I am going to pursue at A level, along with sociology and psychology.

Some of my greatest academic achievements were being awarded the prize for being the best at maths in my year in Years 7 and 8 and best at German in Year 10. I was also nominated for the history prize for two years.

I am not afraid of taking on new challenges as I feel it is important to continue to push yourself. Any commitments I take on I see through to the end and give my entire effort to, as I am not someone who can leave a task unfinished.

My future aspiration is to go to college and then on to university.