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If any of you lacks wisdom you should ask God, who gives generously.

James 1:5

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Students Cycling to School

A number of our students choose to cycle to school. Whilst many students take the safe option and wear protective head gear, an increasing number are unfortunately choosing to do this without wearing cycle helmets. Additionally, we have seen some students cycling to school whilst wearing headphones. Quite clearly both of these practices are unsafe and increase the risk of injury should an accident occur (wearing headphones actually makes an accident more likely).

As of 6th November 2017 we will not be allowing access to the school grounds to any cyclist who is not wearing a cycle helmet. Please speak to your child and ensure that they are compliant with this requirement – stress to them that it is for their safety. Part of the issue appears to be that some students simply don’t feel that cycle helmets are “cool” enough. If this is the case with your child please feel free to blame me and tell them that I have insisted.


M Holland